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Ross Ulbricht Trial Set to Begin

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Alleged drug kingpin Ross Ulbricht, who is currently facing charges of running a criminal enterprise, money laundering and drug trafficking, is set to begin his trial in Manhattan tomorrow on January 13th.

Ulbricht was arrested in the San Francisco Public Library over a year ago where he was accused of running the underground Silk Road marketplace that allowed consumers to purchase everything from weapons to fake passports with bitcoin.

It appears as though Ulbricht is not alone in his legal plight.  Some, who are calling the trial an infringement on free speech and privacy, have traveled to New York to show their support for Ulbricht and vouch for his freedom.

A special bitcoin address for those looking to offer donations to Ulbricht’s supporters has been set up.  The donations will be used to provide food and cover travel expenses for all volunteers.

Julia Tourianski, one of the organizers of the volunteer group, had a few things to say regarding the trial and the court’s current stance:

“…The State is testing the waters with this trial, and if we don’t generate a storm, we willingly concede with our silence.  Voting is not about a ballot, voting is a real thing; we do it with our voices, actions, and money.  So if no one cares and no one shows up, we are voting in favor of the functions already in place to further reduce our freedoms.”

Ulbricht has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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