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Introducing… ForexBroker Inc

Avatar Samuel Rae 4 years ago

So we’ve added a new brokerage to our top brokers this week – ForexBroker Inc. We thought this company may be of interest to our user base as it not only offers bitcoin as a tradable asset, it also accepts US traders – something that very few Forex and binary options brokers are willing to do. The reasoning behind this derives from US rules and regulations regarding financial markets, but this company has found a way to navigate the complexities and bring its services to a US crowd.

The company is currently offering a 100% welcome bonus to new traders, so anybody looking to open an account can gain 100% extra capital on their initial deposit. Why trade BTC? Especially at the moment, the answer to this question is super relevant. Individuals with a large holding in bitcoin (or even a small to medium holding) are currently suffering from the decline in prices we’ve seen over the last few weeks. With this company, you can take a short position in BTCUSD, offering a hedge against any further decline.

Looking to open a Forex trading account? From the US? Here at NewsBTC we recommend taking a look at Forex Broker Inc.  You can find out more about the company and the services they offer here.

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