NewsBTC Speaks with ChangeTip about CES in Vegas, Facebook

Gola Yashu | January 14, 2015 | 4:27 pm

NewsBTC Speaks with ChangeTip about CES in Vegas, Facebook

Gola Yashu | January 14, 2015 | 4:27 pm

Brandon Chase from NewsBTC got a chance to chat with Victoria van Eyk, a community developer on board with ChangeTip. It became apparent that ChangeTip intends to keep most of their major developments under wrap for now, although a few suggestive hints about the near future were shared. NewsBTC is excited to follow the growth and expansion of ChangeTip as they evolve within the bitcoin economy.

Chase: How was your time at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year in Vegas? Charles told me you guys have been busy. Were there any presentations, slideshows, or promotional efforts for ChangeTip? How was the public perception there? 

Victoria: CES was great! We were tipping speakers and people who used the hashtag #CES2015 on twitter to show them how social tipping works. We find that this kind of promotion is in line with our product ethos.  We are a digital company, so we think it makes sense to show our product digitally. We think the product speaks for itself when a new user is surprised and then delighted to receive a welcome to digital currency in the form of a gift or a tip on Twitter.

Can you speak about the current standing with Facebook. What’s the state of ChangeTip integration there at the moment and what will it look like in the future?

Facebook tipping is here! Stay tuned.

Has ChangeTip received any interesting offers or attention yet from the likes of mainstream tech giants (e.g. Google, Microsoft)? Is the company interested in being bought?

ChangeTip has received some attention and partnerships with our innovative product releases. We are super excited to work with established brands across all industries. Warner Brothers and NewEgg used us for Bitcoin Bowl this year and we anticipate all sorts of awesome, tailored product releases across the spectrum of industries.

What kinds of events, contests, or activities do you and Charles Norton have set aside for further community development? The outreach and support on Reddit thus far has been phenomenal. I, myself, won one of the recent Christmas tipping contests. 

Thank you so much for your positive feedback.  We appreciate it.  We really love having fun online and rewarding people who contribute valuable content, or, most specifically, make us laugh.  I would love to run contests every week all year long to celebrate our community and encourage collaboration and an enjoyable environment online.  As far as this is concerned, stay tuned! I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises.

How many employees are currently on board at ChangeTip?

Our team is growing and so is our company. We have an incredibly focused, experienced, and creative team.

What new features or implementations can we expect for 2015?

We are extremely responsive to the market and to our community when building product. We have a lot in our funnel currently that we are excited to release when the timing and partnerships are right. One area of our core company ethos is building inventive, brand new products for charities, causes, and donations.  We are building the platform that enables them to achieve greater awareness and vitality. We really believe in making the world a better place through micropayments and applying technology to enable giving with ease in a social setting.

That’s it. I’ll keep it short and sweet for now. Thanks for your time & hard work, Victoria.

Thanks so much!

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