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IBM &Samsung ADEPT BlockChain of Things about BOT

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

IBM and Samsung have partnered to put the Blockchain Technology to good use. The partnership points us towards their vision to pioneer in the soon-to-dawn era of Internet of Things. There has been lots of murmur in the tech sphere ever since news about ADEPT was released. Especially among those who understand and anticipate the Internet of Things.

What is ADEPT?

Blockchain of ThingsADEPT stands for Autonomous Decentralised Peer-to-Peer Telemetry. IBM & Samsung’s ADEPT aims to be the technology for ledgers, record-keeping of the gazillions of data points that the Internet of Things will start to generate the moment these things start to communicate to each other their ‘states’ in 1’s and 0’s.

The report that was published reads:

“Right from the time a product completes final assembly, it can be registered by the manufacturer into a universal blockchain representing its beginning of life. Once sold, a dealer or end customer can register it to a regional blockchain.”

Putting this in perspective.

The traditional worry for the Internet of Things has been the following:

  • Where will we store all this data?
  • How do we store that data securely?
  • How do these data points talk to each other, meaningfully?
  • How do we maintain data integrity?
  • How about Information entropy?
  • Privacy and Protocol? And so on…
Amidst these chaotic limitations of IoT, enters the Blockchain technology — a robust candidate that has successfully handled transactions of Bitcoin currency with grace and consistency. This is why the tech giants IBM and Samsung are looking into blockchain technology as a viable option to get their washing machines and detergent vendors to talk to each other. A Simple one, but a good start nevertheless.

An ADEPT nomenclature could be…

It would be just unwise and purely unjust, to call this the Internet of Things anymore. Let us all just call this vertical of technology as “The Blockchain of Things (BoT),” and move on.


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