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Bitcoin is Hovering Around $250

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

The price of bitcoin is now hovering around $250.  Just recently I reported on the currency’s stance at around $232, and now that price has risen by almost $20.

Digital currency enthusiasts should be feeling good, right now.  There’s evidence that their investments might be making a comeback, but there is still a long way to go.

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I will say that if there is one thing the bitcoin price has taught me, it is that you can’t be too careful.  If you share my personality, you probably sit and wait for things to get better.  You hold onto that hope, and even though the price may rise, you’re always thinking, “It might go up even more.”  Right when you’re at your highest point and basking in your handsome, BTC glory, then boom!  Something happens, and the market value drops and your bonus drops with it.

I suppose those who have been trading and keeping stock most of their lives probably feel the same way, and over time, they’re bound to just acquire natural knowledge of how the market works, and the time to buy and sell is something that they don’t necessarily “understand,” but something they “feel.”  Their ability to trade gives them an instinct that the rest of us will probably never have.

Bitcoin, it seems, is no different, and maybe the biggest enthusiasts develop this instinct as well.  When the price is going to go up, they “feel” it; ditto for when it goes down, and trading becomes naturally easy.

Things like bitcoin teach us to listen to ourselves.  If something inside is telling us to sell, maybe we should listen.  If something is telling us to buy, we should probably hear that too.  One’s own instinct can often be the most valuable lesson planner.

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