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Bitcoin News Coinfire Under Fire; Website Twitter Account Hacked

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coinfire logoAs Billy Joel once said, “We didn’t start the [coin] fire…”  Okay, he didn’t exactly say that, but a fire in the digital currency world has indeed been started, and it all began with Josh Garza and GAW Miners and coverage relating to them on one Bitcoin news site.

Following PayCoin’s forced exit from altcoin exchange, currency creator Josh Garza was scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.  Due to rising concern over attendee reactions, Garza’s appearance was ultimately cancelled, and recently the website claimed to obtain a 1,000 page document detailing possible action against Garza and GAW Miners by the SEC (the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

Now, the fire is really heating up, and the flames keep getting higher.  Following the website’s revelations, and its related Twitter account have been hacked.  Tweets reading, “Did you know our SEC articles were fake?  We made them up” and “Take over the domain… Take over the twitter.  F*ck you coin fire” were posted last Friday, though the executive editor has announced that they are currently trying to get the site back, but have the twitter back.

“Mike” from Coinfire announced on Reddit:

“Well, looks like the XPY supporters got what they wanted… They logged in to our domain registrar account and had our domain taken away from us.  We are working to resolve it but we aren’t sure we are going to get it back.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.”

The website’s Twitter page was deleted temporarily but has since been restored., however, seems to have turned into a parked domain.  The website was also victimized attack last September, when it suffered a massive “DDOS attack” according to the site’s editor.

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