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No Bitcoin Price Drop Today; Is Stabilization Finally Coming?

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Bitcoin is remaining at around the $230 mark.  Yesterday, it was reported that the price had dropped to this amount, but today no further drop has been witnessed just yet.  It’s staying where it is, and considering the fact that drops have been occurring daily over the past week, staying at $230, despite the mediocrity behind such a stance, suddenly feels like a good thing.

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Is stabilization on the way?  Could staying where it is be a sign of some sort that bitcoin is finally starting to strengthen its defense systems and make its way out of the foxhole?  It’s a little too early to tell, probably, but right now we can’t help but enjoy the fact that another “daily drop” has been avoided.

Recently bitcoin had skyrocketed past the $300 mark, and the news behind Coinbase’s new lunar exchange, the very first licensed, U.S.-based bitcoin exchange was credited for stimulating such a shoot up in price, but the news apparently didn’t last long enough, or didn’t have as strong an effect as we all thought.  Within a few days the bitcoin price was back down, and many have been speculating about what’s going to come next.  It was recently reported here on whether $200 might be a possibility in the near future, a scary thought for many enthusiasts indeed.

For the time being all we can do is watch and hope that things don’t become any worse off.  Furthermore, we take moments like this, when no drop occurs to bask in that small bit of glory and celebrate that bitcoin has stabilized itself… At least for now…

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