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How Long Will Bitcoin Really Last?

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

The bitcoin price has risen about one or two dollars since yesterday, and for some, this is enough to instill a question into their heads… “Is bitcoin finally on the path to recovery?”

Yesterday I spoke of living each day as it comes and not allowing thoughts and emotions to jeopardize one’s status.  Bitcoin, as we’ve all seen, is a mixed portrait; it goes up, it goes down, it goes up, it goes down.  It’s hard to predict where it will go, and many of us are completely shocked when a massive drop like what occurred in January takes place.

In adding to what I wrote yesterday, I will mention that I stand by my original thought that one should neither get too happy nor too down about the bitcoin price.  It’s a fluctuating meter, but if you are going to experience some sort of internal emotion about it all, experience joy.  That’s right… Even a $1-$2 increase like what we’ve recently witnessed is worth a little bit of celebration.  If you’re going to express a thought or a feeling, shouldn’t it be positive?

Because right now there is fear amiss… One of the largest bitcoin companies, Bitreserve, has gone so far as to claim that bitcoin will no longer be around in five years.  This is large and damaging talk indeed, particularly when the company recently raised almost $10 million to grow and further expand its core services.  If what Bitreserve says is true, why go through all that?  Why not just cut ties with digital currency now?

how long do bitcoins last fossil

Well, I think I know why… Because digital currency is needed, and because Bitreserve delves in it and several customers delve in it, and whether or not bitcoin exists forever, or whether it disappears in 10 years or five years or even 2 years, bitcoin is needed now… It’s desired now, and thus bitcoin has managed to retain at least some level of its value, and will do so for as long as it’s here.

How long do you all think bitcoin will be around?  Post your comments below.

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