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Juniper Predicts the Future of Bitcoin; Where Will it be in Two Years?

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Juniper Research is having a field day when it comes to predicting the future of bitcoin.

For one thing, Juniper is saying that this year, bitcoin will not be that big of a deal.  Transactions are slated to fall about 50 percent from where they were in 2014; yet at the same time, the Boston Retail Partners believe that about 8 percent of retailers will begin accepting bitcoin as a full means of payment in 2015.

This is certainly good news all in itself.  While the number of transactions may fall (or may not), it would seem to be because understanding of bitcoin is at an all-time low.  About 65 percent of the general public freely admit that they don’t know what bitcoin is or how it works or even where it comes from (so I guess the whole idea of the blockchain is completely out of the question for them).  Furthermore, this year is set to witness the integration of the BitLicense, which will finally set forth the necessary rules and regulations for businesses delving in cryptocurrency.

Juniper Research Forecasts Bitcoins

It is quite possible that businesses and individuals alike are simply waiting for the regulation to take place, and once this happens knowledge will grow, because Juniper, despite its dismal readings for this year, is predicting a big future for bitcoin in 2017.  In fact, the company is saying that 2 years from now, bitcoin transactions will nearly double from where they are today, and thus bitcoin is slated to become a little more mainstream in the coming months, so for that we can all certainly be grateful.

Despite safety issues and concerns, recent attacks and Ponzi schemes, Juniper is acknowledging the idea that bitcoin still holds power, and will secure its place in the digital world in the years to come, so for all you doubters out there, I say learn to live with bitcoin.  It will likely be here for a while…

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