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It's a Great Night to Go Out for Beercoin and Pizzacoin

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Yesterday, it was Potcoin.  Today, it would be great if we all went out for beer and pizza… Coin.

That’s right, there’s Beercoin and there’s Pizzacoin.  There are 500 total coins in existence of each, and both are part of the CCP line of Commercial coins along with Vodkacoin, Colacoin, and even Hotdogcoin.  Ah, the names and purposes we’re able to dream up.

Judging from their labels, I think it’s only safe to assume that users can buy beer and pizza with the digital currencies, and heck… What a nice way to spend the night out; hanging with friends, chugging down a cold pint and satisfying your hunger with a lavish pie that has everything on it.  In the midst of it all, you pull out your wallet and there’s no cash in there.  You have no credit card, and the pizza doesn’t accept personal checks.  What are you going to do?  Well, this is where the “coins” come in.  You delve into that digital stash, and boom!  You’re covered for the night.  Seems simple enough…

potcoin beercoin pizzacoin cartoon by newsbtc

But like I asked with Potcoin, I must ask here… How much of a presence do these two digital currencies really have in the altcoin universe?  Both currencies bear five star ratings on since their integration into the crypto universe in January of 2014, but reactions towards both coins are mixed on the Bitcointalk forum.

The real trouble here, as always, depends on what areas or businesses are going to bear acceptance for the cryptocurrencies at hand.  Unlike dogecoin, litecoin and darkcoin, which are accepted at multiple venues and therefore have higher mining statistics and stronger value, limitations have been placed on Beercoin and Pizzacoin, and for that some are having a hard time taking them seriously.

But as we have seen with other currencies in the past, things may possibly change.  For all we know, it’s only a matter of time before every pub and every Italian restaurant is turning its back on fiat currency and bearing a huge welcome sign for two of the world’s “tastiest” altcoins.

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