New York Firefighter Mugged and Stabbed Over Bitcoins

Guest Author | February 20, 2015 | 3:00 pm

New York Firefighter Mugged and Stabbed Over Bitcoins

Guest Author | February 20, 2015 | 3:00 pm

What is the digital world coming to?  An era of hardcore crime has made its way into our little cryptocurrency community and it’s giving digital currency enthusiasts a bad name.

Dwayne Richards, a New York City firefighter, was recently held up, robbed, and stabbed by thugs who were bent on stealing his bitcoins.  Richards allegedly met with the criminals in Brooklyn under the idea that he would be trading bitcoins for cash, but the firefighter was later wounded and left bleeding.  He’s alive, however, and the prognosis of his condition seems to be promising.


Bitcoin-related crimes have taken on a life of their own.  Remember the New England family that received death threats from burglars hoping to make off with their bitcoin stash?  Usually, when we hear of bitcoin crimes, we’re used to things like Mt. Gox or the alleged MyCoin Ponzi scheme, or other things that usually result in millions of dollars being lost and stolen, but all that seems to be changing.  While these kinds of crimes are still ongoing, several “bitcoin nasties” are taking on the form of “two-bit hustlers,” and getting rough and dirty with their victims…

…And according to several individuals, this is happening more and more often, and the case of Dwayne Richards wasn’t the first.  One-man bitcoin exchange Dean Katz currently drives around New York everyday looking to purchase and sell bitcoin, but one night he got in over his head.  He met with someone under the pretense that this particular figure wanted to bet on the Super Bowl, but when Mr. Katz arrived, he was held up at point blank and was made to transfer over $8,000 in bitcoin into the hands of the thief.

Katz later commented on the current status of bitcoin:

“Right now, it’s like the Wild West… And stagecoach robberies are going to happen.”

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