Lycancoin: A Digital Currency Looking to Make Werewolves Rich

In light of all the news about bitcoin, in light of the fluctuating prices and the fact that we never know where bitcoin is going to stand, there is some good news for digital currency enthusiasts, particularly those who are fans of Lycancoin.

Lycancoin (based off of lycans, or those affected with lycanthropy; in other words, werewolves) is one of the first three cryptidcurrencies.  These are currencies based on creatures such as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster or Champ; creatures that are believed to exist, and yet evidence is limited to suggest so.  Along with its digital currency brothers Vampirecoin and Zombiecoin, Lycancoin is among the first of its kind.  According to the Lycancoin website, the currency is:

“The world’s first digital currency designed for use by werewolves (lycanthropes) and werewolf enthusiasts.”

If you’ve had problems since you were a kid, say problems that involve extreme and rapid hair growth, vocal changes, or maybe you only feel alive at night, well then it’s time to celebrate, because the Lycancoin trading volume has reached 264 BTC on Cryptsy, and it can make a 100 percent profiting trade for crypto traders, as it is trading between four and 32 satoshis at this time.  We’d say that’s probably a pretty good reason to lift your head up and howl at the moon, don’t you think?

It seems like being a werewolf can suddenly make you lots of money (and for once, it doesn’t involve putting yourself on display in a traveling side show).  Whether or not these creatures exist is beyond the point.  They’re bringing enthusiasts powerful trading capabilities, and it probably won’t be long before we’re bearing witness to things such as Bigfootcoin, Chupacabracoin, or maybe even Yeticoin or Ogopogocoin… So many possibilities and they all have quite a ring.

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