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Interview with… CryptoGames

Avatar Samuel Rae 5 years ago

The NewsBTC team recently caught up with CryptoGames to discuss find out what the company is all about. Here goes…



First of all, tells little bit about what CryptoGames is all about.

CryptoGames is a gambling website for playing Dice and Slot machine game. Every player can play with multiple cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. We’re offering provably fair and secure algorithms.


The bitcoin space is growing fast, where do you see CryptoGames fitting into the overall infrastructure?

Currently, we’re somewhere in the middle, but we’re improving things on daily basis. If everything will goes smoothly, we’ll be widely recognized in couple of months.


Is there anybody at the company that our users may be interested to hear are involved?CryptoGames

Not really, we’re group of cryptocurrencies fans, who work in IT industry.


How does the technology work?

Our system is running on three dedicated servers. One is running MSSQL server, other one is running IIS web server, and the last one is running hot wallets and sinhronisation process.

Backend of website is written in C#. Almost all code is product of our own development, except some common libraries like JSON.NET.

Client side code is based on HTML and Javascript. We are authors of this code too. Again we are using some common Javascript libraries like Jquery, Progressbar, Kinetic, Fancybox, AddThis, Bootstrap… Maybe I have missed some, and sorry for that.

We are using Cloudflare cloud service to improve security of our website. All data that is sent to or from our webserver is encrypted with SSL.


Where do you see bitcoin in 10 years – first in terms of value and second in terms of where it will fit into both online and off-line commerce?

Bitcoin in 10 years will be worth 10.000$ and will be publicly accepted. All big companies will add bitcoin as payment method. But…this are only speculations, no one really knows what will happen. So the community, who loves Bitcoin must stick together and we’ll overcome all barriers. A lot has to be done and we have a long road to travel.


What, as bitcoin enthusiasts, should we be doing to get ourselves prepared for this future you speak of?

Doing good things, so Bitcoin will be known as a safe currency. Bitcoin is not about who scammed another, who ran away with thousands of dollars, but is about building a community, who thinks FIAT currencies are slavering people and there is a good alternative – BITCOIN.


How can our users find out more about your company/technology/service?

All info is on website Some promotions and extra topics are on bitcointalk and other crypto-related forums. One thread about us is here:


Also, everyone can follow us on






And many other social media.


Is there anything you’d like to add?

Currently every player can get free bitcoins on bitcointalk forum:

This way players can try our website first, without depositing funds.

Crypto-Games welcomes every player, so visit and Catch the winning spirit!


Thanks for your time!

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