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Bitcoin Has a Future: Poll

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It is sometimes very hard to imagine something which may compare to Bitcoin in terms of excitement and opportunities. In fact, the recent years haven’t witnessed a product or an initiative, which comes even close to what the Bitcoin industry has achieved in the similar timeframe. Governments are examining the technology and concept behind the digital currencies, big names such as Microsoft and Dell have included Bitcoin as payment methods, and the tech-savvy customers of today are clearly appreciating it as the new-age currency.

In a recent poll conducted on The Wall Street Journal’s Money Beat blog, a reassuring 83% of the respondents believed that digital currencies such as Bitcoin indeed have a future. Readers from all around the globe expressed their desire to see it as a future currency.

Here is an edited excerpt of a response which valued the Bitcoin revolution as highly as the Railroads and the Internet Revolution:

“Bitcoin is one of the most important innovations of our generation—and comparable in impact to railroads, automobiles, telephony, Internet, etc., if not more.” – Chicago

The same optimism was shared by several other users who see Bitcoin transforming the traditional payment system and something which could connect globally as well.

bitcoins have a future

However, some of the respondents were strictly against the cryptocurrency because of its high volatility and its deregulated nature.

“The currency is not backed by any central government and therefore is extremely unstable. Bitcoin may be an easy sell in countries that have unstable currencies and governments, but convincing Westerners to use it will be very difficult.” – Vancouver

The Bitcoin community would sure love to see the remaining 17% join the Bitcoin bandwagon. And with the digital currency landscape expanding faster than ever and issues like stability being investigated, there is a good probability of that happening soon!

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