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Public Face Seals Clubs, Bitcoin Gambling Site, Gets Unwel Surprise

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For those of you who love bitcoin and play online poker, then you’ve probably heard of an online gambling platform known as Seals with Clubs.  The site allows players to gamble and play with bitcoin as well as other related altcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Yet as it turns out, the site may have been operating illegally, and this is the first time that the Gaming Control Board appears to have raided someone’s house over an illegal website.  The public face of Seals with Clubs belongs to professional gambler and gamer Bryan Micon, who is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Micon claims that agents burst through his door, and that he was handcuffed and escorted outside, where he was stuck waiting in his undergarments.  The agents raiding his home took laptops and other electronic equipment, while all the while Micon claims to have had several guns pointed in his face.

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He remembers the fear and the confusion he felt well enough, and he’s claiming that he’s done nothing wrong.  In fact, he believes that he has been wronged:

“I’m a victim of the unfortunate systemic police state that has taken over the United States… I was charged with no crime, yet armed men broke down my door, pointed many guns at me – of course, traumatized my family – and then proceeded to steal all of my good electronics.”

The website was operating without a license, but Micon says that he wasn’t the man to harass over something like that.  He claims to be more of a “marketing guy,” and says that decisions such as pursuing gaming licenses are generally not up to him, nor does he have any say in such matters.

Micon is currently in the Caribbean island nation of Antigua, where he has been working to develop a new version of Seals with Clubs.

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