Darkcoin Rebranding to Dash – Digital Cash

Darkcoin Rebranding to Dash – Digital Cash

The Darkcoin foundation is presently working on a complete rebranding of Darkcoin. Evan Duffield has announced that this rebranding is an essential move towards achieving the designed project’s goals:

“I no longer feel the name Darkcoin reflects the true essence of the project and have decided to rebrand our product.”

The foundation considers that Bitcoin is now the only cryptographic currency that poses a significant risk of eventually being controlled by over-reaching governments and other entitDarkcoin_Dash_article_1_NewsBTCies and fears that its original goals are already compromised. So, the team has been building the complete solution for crypto-users in different key areas and making crypto much more suitable for real-world adoption.

Dash – Decentralized Digital Cash

While making features such as privacy and anon transactions that bitcoin cannot offer available, Darkcoin fell into the arrays of Blackmarket users and since the very beginning, it has been considered as the favorite cryptocurrency for criminals and other illicit enterprises. The foundation believes that this is affecting investors’ trust and Duffield also feels that this is threatening the viability of the product to get to higher grounds, so he decided that rebranding would be the best answer for the long run. Because of this misconception, the team will be rebranding Darkcoin to Dash, standing for digital Cash. Dash represents the goals that the team is trying to achieve, to be a fast, friendly and scalable online payment system.

Dash will also offer the same features as Darkcoin but in a more transparent way, while working on a different architecture that is capable of many things the Bitcoin architecture cannot. The aim is for Digital cash to be used in international Markets and start exploring some of the ways to become a true Bitcoin competitor.

The altcoin ecosystem is a real competition where the best ideas win and get adopted. Moreover, it looks like Darkcoin has already proven to have the perfect technology to be the top digital currency in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In the future, we’ll have a diverse ecosystem of many coins for different niches. With this change, Digital Cash will not just be one of many cryptocurrencies fighting for a position in a competitive market of several currencies, but also the first bitcoin competitor reaching mass adoption.

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  • Do they not realize that the Kardashian sisters will sue them out of business?? They protect their brand furiously.

    • Luckypen

      How come they don’t sue the soap or spice brand Dash then? Hint: They are different products in different markets.

    • ฿rian

      That’s not how trademarks work. If Darkcoin/DASH was a new clothing line or new detergent or spice then it would be a problem.

    • Craig

      I just think it’s funny you know about the Kardashian sister’s on-goings lol

      • I just keep seeing them suing people who do anything with Dash that was not out before they started their business. LOL plus I have a wife who watches their show. Ugh.

    • yashu gola

      i won’t call my dog Samsung anymore.. 🙂

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