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BitLanders – Bitcoin Company Becomes the Sponsor of Judo Open

After the launching, the founder and CEO of BitLanders named Francesco Rulli started a new way of spreading the digital currency system called Bitcoin. Actually, through BitLanders, Rulli began to operate various activities related to social media in accordance with bloggers and filmmakers. Besides, Rulli also used his experience that he earned from his Film Annex business in the same field. Under this BitLanders platform, the rule is to reward the users through Bitcoin and not fiat currency. This system makes Bitcoin a permanent payment for the users of such a company.

The new movement took place and drew everyone’s attention when BitLanders decided to become a sponsor for a sports event. In a recent press release, BitLanders announced, “The New York Judo Open can be regarded as the first and only international sports event where the athletes will be rewarded in Bitcoin-the digital currency. For each Ippon, which is the Judo knockout, BitLanders will reward Bitcoin which is equivalent to $100 in the Women’s Team Competition. The most priceless player of the tournament will be rewarded the Bitcoin Judo Cup.”

Mr. Rulli always feels Judo by his heart because he himself, in Judo, earned a black belt. He stated, “Judo was the only thing I loved in my school days. It is one of the greatest Olympic Games that make people capable of facing any odds at any phase of life. This is the reason, Female Olympic champions who will be attending the NY Open are always a great inspiration and sort of idol for the superhero project that is launched by the Women’s Annex Foundation.”

From the press release, it has been accumulated that the Judo event is going to be dedicated to the 500,000 registered users along with their network of 125 million fans and friends.

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