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Mark Karpeles Leaks Emails Of DEA Agent In Stealing Bitcoins

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More evidence has come to light in the recent case of two former federal agents being charged with money laundering, wire fraud, and stealing Bitcoins.

Mark Karpeles, Chief Executive Officer of the presently non-operational Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox has leaked the email exchanges between him and the disgraced Drug Enforcement Administration officer Carl Force. The email interaction took place in April and May of 2013.

Mark uploaded the interaction as screenshots on popular image hosting website, Imgur. In one email, Cark says, “I wanted to ask you if you could back me on a deal for 250 bitcoin. A sale.
mt gox


 In another email, Carl mentioned that he was exploring work opportunities and even predicted that the US economy will collapse in the next five years.

mt gox1

Carl sent another mail to Mark to express his sorrow on the unfortunate development that Mt. Gox was not partnering with CoinLab, and to insist that, “If you are still looking for a U.S. and Canada representative, please keep me in mind.” This was the around the same time that CoinLab filed a massive $75 million lawsuit against Mt. Gox.

This email was immediately followed by a final email just a week later where Force says, “told you should have partnered with me!

The complete set of screenshots can be seen here.

Twitter users erupted when this news broke. Twitter user Dean Pierce @deanpierce tweeted, “so it turns out Carl Force, that corrupt DEA agent, killed Mt Gox as revenge for @MagicalTux not partnering with him.” @MagicalTux is the twitter handle of Mark Karpeles.

This case of two officers misusing, or better said, abusing their powers to further their personal gains is very unfortunate. The only bright aspect of this revelation is that since this case has come to light, authorities will now hopefully pay more attention to the working of their officers and maintain a clean decorum.


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