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Documents Related to Ulbricht's Silk Road Trial Revealed

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Yesterday a document containing 122 pages of plain text related to Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road trial was released. The trial was immediately sealed due to the ongoing investigation of Carl Mark Force IV. The order to unseal came into effect with his arrest. Preet Bharara is pleading to Judge Forrest that the terminally corrupted Baltimore investigation somehow ceased to have any meaning since those conducting the investigation lost its credibility.

These 122 pages represent almost the totality of the documents pertaining to the investigation of corrupt agents that had been sealed during the Ulbricht trial. They are unsealed now that the agents have been arrested.

The document reveals:

 “SA Force is being investigated by USAO-San Francisco for a variety of conduct, including suspected misconduct undertaken in his capacity as a DEA undercover agent in USAO-Baltimore’s Silk Road investigation.”

When investigators have criminally tampered with evidence, a doubt is cast over the entirety of an investigation. Even if it appears they did not tamper with evidence, it now comes plausible they might have. As such, whether that doubt is reasonable should be weighed by a jury, especially when the doubt was caused by a person acting under color of the same government now wishing to punish.

In this document most of the information related to the Ross Ulbricht investigation conducted by a corrupt agent is revealed, however, there is much more information that is still to be disclosed.

This might end up with the prosecution having the chance to paint Ulbricht as a murder-for-hire ruthless drug lord, while the defense gets to paint reasonable doubt with dirty agents who have an agenda for a massive frame up.

The whole extracted text of the unsealed documents is quite extent and reveals a lot of information about both the cases.

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