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Russell Brand Supports Bitcoin as Part of Global Revolution

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

Renowned political activist Russell Brand has recently expressed his support for bitcoin as an alternative currency that might be an important part to global revolution. He has been expressing his views against capitalism, citing that political revolution and a fair distribution of wealth are unfeasible in this system.

“I think what is important is to organize and to disobey. To be really, really disobedient. Revolution is required. It is not a revolution of radical ideas, but simply the implementation of the ideas that they say we already have,” Brand explained.

Bitcoin and Digital Literacy

Brand reiterated that the world needs alternative systems and models, adding that the alternative cryptocurrency or bitcoin could help people break away from existing monetary and financial systems. He has been working with StartJOIN in raising awareness for crowdfunding and digital literacy programs.

“I’m very interested in setting up social enterprises, such as our cafe that we’ve started, replicating that model more and more,” Brand mentioned. “Small businesses, practical, functional things where people can come together in an entrepreneurial spirit, creatively, and work together – hopefully ultimately using an alternative currency and completely negating and avoiding the system.”

As for StartJOIN CEO Max Kaiser, an alternative currency is an integral part to setting up new systems and models. StartJOIN calls itself a new style of crowdfunding technology in that it makes use of social media to create a launch pad for new projects to flourish.

“This is quantitative easing for the people, you can spend it on the projects that you are endorsing and behind,” Max Kaiser stated. “This is a currency that could be a currency of the revolution.” He added that bitcoin is now challenging central banks to redefine money and economics in this 21st century. Combined with Russell Brand’s political revolution, Kaiser claimed that the stage for a new era has been set.

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