ChangeTip Improves Security by Adding Two-Factor Authentication

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ChangeTip today announced it was integrating Two-factor-authentication on their platform. With the integrating of a 2FA option, the company expects to offer enhanced security to the customers’ accounts.

ChangeTip knows the importance of security is. So today, we are releasing Two-Factor Authentication to our users.

ChangeTip’s mission is to enable a truly global economy by reducing economic disparity through the efficient and open transfer of value to and from each other. Together, as a strong and robust community, the company embraces Bitcoin and shows that micropayments are a great use case for the technology. By showing what can be done today, that can’t be done by existing payment channels, ChangeTip is working to drive the mass consumer adoption of bitcoin, and educate and empower people to understand and use their money along the way.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication, two-step verification, TFA, T-FA, or 2FA is a way to verify your authenticity by providing two ways to identify account ownership to the system and gain access. It works using the information you already know plus something you have, using an extra app.ChangeTip2FA_article_1_NewsBTC

Something that you already know is usually the password or some PIN. Something you have: could be a device like a smartphone or a tablet you must have in your possession. The first part of the two-factor authentication is a code sent via SMS or retrieved from the Authy app. The second part is a password.

Users who want the 2FA option enabled in their account will need to login to access their Settings and from there they will be able to choose the method to receive the 2FA code.


The ChangeTip App is very popular among digital currency bloggers and has had an enormous growth throughout this year; currently many of the most known social networks already support the app. With such an immense success comes great responsibility, and the company hopes its customers can appreciate the latest additional security feature.

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