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ChangeTip Enables Bitcoin Tipping Services on SoundCloud

Avatar Yashu Gola 5 years ago

Bitcoin Tipping Company ChangeTip recently enabled its services on SoundCloud, an audio platform to share and distribute original music.

“It’s easier than ever to support local talent, instantly delivering your donations into their account.,” the San Francisco-based Bitcoin startup expressed in its blog. “Tweet a beer to the artist at a live event, send money direct to the artist’s page, deliver private messages on Facebook, or comment on their SoundCloud song.”

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For artists, the same ChangeTip platform could be utilized to connect with fans on SoundCloud. They can share live events, social channels and each of their musical dialogue with followers — and get paid for them by generous fans. The Bitcoin tipping is also enabled for street singers.

“Onlookers won’t need to have change in their pocket,” the company wrote. “They can send an instant tip using their mobile phone and a ChangeTip account (their digital pocket change).”

Following the SoundCloud integration, ChangeTip has indeed proved itself as one of the most serious contenders of online tipping market. The company is flawlessly moving ahead of its aims to form a fee-less micropayment community and empower it with latest technological payment methods like Bitcoin.

Earlier, ChangeTip has successfully planted its “love button” on various social media channels, the biggest being YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. The service literally helped writers, video makers, and social media commentators earn some side-income. And now, it will help passionate musicians, singers and lyricists to receive the warms of their fans — all through a single tip.

There is, however, a certain portion of criticism ChangeTip has received over the years — mostly for its centralized services. The doubts were raised in the wake of growing manipulations in companies having centralized access to Bitcoin units, that could be later used to adulterate the trading sector.

The company’s CEO however thought that centralizing tipping services would simply require a move them to blockchain, this could eventually slow down the entire transaction.

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