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Blockchain Artist Interview: Zoran from Croatia

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

The blockchain is inspiring a new generation of artists in and around the tech scene. NewsBTC’s Andrew Wagner interviewed one well-known artist on to get the scoop.

Andrew: What is your background, and how did you get into Bitcoin? Would you call yourself an enthusiast?

Zoran Kutozovic: As a multimedia artist, I worked with several different media and materials during the last fifteen years. My paintings are based on wood panels together with wooden frames that I made by myself, thus creating a unique and original artwork.

Working with audio and video media is in the “standby” position at the moment; I stopped it because I am quite busy with new paintings. Working with audio media as a producer of electronic dance music was quite interesting during last ten years, and I released over twenty vinyl records and CDs for various international labels.

At the time, my brother worked on some web design projects, and he was paid in bitcoins for the first time. It was the first time I heard of Bitcoin, and I must say it seemed a bit funny to me.

A year later, I decided to check it out to see how Bitcoin works. I became a part of the Bitcoin community and an enthusiast about new Internet money systems and their potential in the real world.

Andrew: I’ve seen one of your abstract Bitcoin wallet paintings. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind those?

Zoran: “Bitcoin Mechanical Wallet” was a second series of ten paintings. It is the idea of having mechanical and digital parts together in the same device to store your bitcoins. A system that could lock and unlock without electricity, like an old mechanical bike locking system–something hackers could not come inside.

Of course it is just my imagination. Nowadays, there are several hardware wallets and safety is becoming better and more friendly user.

Andrew: How about the sculptures? Are you into cryptocurrency trading?

Zoran: If you really wanna learn all about Bitcoin, you will find yourself in a new area-cryptocurrency trading. I have never used it before–I haven’t any knowledge–but I tried it and found it really exciting. Trading can make you stare at the graph for hours, expecting something to happen, to win or lose. Now I only trade from time to time, because it just takes too many hours.

Cryptocurrency trading inspired me to make art sculptures called “Bitcoin Peaks.” This series is dedicated to all the traders; there is a small desktop version in a glass case, and a big wall version of the sculpture. I will continue the series with colorful designs.

Andrew: What are you working on now, and what are your plans for the future?

Zoran: Currently, I am working on some new paintings and preparing my second Bitcoin art exhibition in Croatia. In the meantime, there is an idea of a new sculpture raising in my mind, and it is almost finished. Sculpture can take many cool forms; this will be a modular sculpture.

Andrew: Any other thoughts on the decentralized space and how it relates to art?

Zoran: There are some really nice ideas about how to connect Bitcoin technology with art. I am sure every artist today will accept payment with Bitcoin, if he or she knows about Bitcoin and checks it out. It is not easy to explain the Bitcoin technology to ordinary people, but they will hear about it, that is for sure.

Artists are gonna love it because of the blockchain technology behind it. The certificate of authenticity of artworks could be different in the future. There is quite enough space for Bitcoin in the world, even if it never becomes a mainstream currency.

Bitcoin is already a big thing, and it is still so young. I wonder what’s gonna happen when all 21 millions bitcoin are mined… There will be no bitcoin to mine? Interesting, but that’s a story for future times.

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