The BTC Ring: A Bitcoin Wedding Ring

newsbtc | May 20, 2015 | 8:34 am
The BTC Ring: A Bitcoin Wedding Ring

The BTC Ring: A Bitcoin Wedding Ring

newsbtc | May 20, 2015 | 8:34 am

If you think that diamonds are way too traditional to have on a wedding ring, consider this bitcoin wedding ring instead. The BTC Ring combines 3D printing and bitcoin technology in creating personalized jewelry that can come with a QR code for your bitcoin wallet address.

According to its website, The BTC Ring is the only bitcoin ring that marries real value and design, with a catchphrase “You don’t store value in a rock. Store it in a block.”

Bitcoin Ring Inscriptions

The company says that the real value of a wedding ring or gift lies in knowing how much exactly it is worth. It makes use of a decoupling design, which can be upgraded to newer styles since the actual value is in the code instead of the physical ring.

The ring owner can look up the value of the ring using the blockchain inscriptions through an Android app that reads the value of the associated wallet address. According to the group, personalized blockchain inscriptions not only make the ring more sentimental, but also prevent relationship double spends. In addition, the couple can split the private key in order to mutually decide what to do with the stored bitcoin value in the future.

Another security features is that the rings are loaded and inscribed by an address represented by Base58 encoding. This process is aided by tools from Crypto Graffiti to ensure that private keys are not disseminated.

To create one, all you need to do is download an OpenSDCAD file and input the bitcoin address you want to have inscribed on the BTC Ring. After compiling and rendering the data, you can export the file for 3D printing.

For plastic rings, the company recommends the FormLabs printer for better precision. Further discussion on this gimmick yet interesting use of bitcoin technology can be found in this forum thread.

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