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Want to Diversify Your Portfolio With Bitcoin? Now You Can!

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Investments in Bitcoin, as an asset class, have been going downhill because of the unnatural volatility, thereby leading to a further drop in the price. In 2014, even with investments in the underlying technology soaring to all-time record levels, Bitcoin bagged the “worst performing currency of the year” with a sharp 80 percent decline in value. Bitcoin has till date, utterly failed in reversing those losses and continues to trade near $230.

However, for Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors, who are looking to make an entry into the cryptocurrency at current levels, there is good news!

An online portfolio building platform, InvestYourWay, has announced the addition of Bitcoin to its wide range of fund adds to deliver more choice to its customers.

InvestYourWay @investyourway tweeted today: “InvestYourWay adds Bitcoin to our range of fund add-ons to deliver more choice.

Interested parties may opt for a free demo to completely grasp the ins and outs of the product, which is available as part of a diversified portfolio and requires clients to show a sum of £2,500 in order to purchase the service.

CEO of InvestYourWay Michael Newell said, “Unlike traditional fund managers who are restricted by the funds they have on offer, we have built this business on the principle of the right for a client to be able to choose the type of investments we include in their bespoke fund, from particular global regions to individual products. With this latest enhancement clients can now choose to include Bitcoin as part of that solution.

The InvestYourWay product can be easily customized to meet the needs of the clients and provides them with real-time access and visibility into their funds’ performance. With the latest offering, clients can request that these tailored funds include Bitcoin, in addition to the unparalleled flexibility provided by the professional grade products such as CFDs.

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