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Bitcoin Platform BlockTrail Launches Developer Platform

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Bitcoin API platform focused on developers and enterprises, BlockTrail has launched a Developer Platform, the company announced in a blog recently. The Developer Platform is a box-set of all the tools, including Blockchain Data API, Wallet API, Webhooks and Web Wallet, required to integrate developer apps with the Bitcoin capabilities.

The launch comes roughly a couple of weeks after the API developer acquired SendChat.

The company’s blog post said,

Our goal is to encourage the Bitcoin economy by providing a secure, reliable and fast way to build and transact with Bitcoin. By breaking down the technical barriers of entry, BlockTrail is helping to grow Bitcoin’s presence in world commerce.

The Multi-Purpose Developer Platform

BlockTrail’s Developer Platform will also enable the user to perform functions otherwise possible with a Bitcoin core client. These include:

  • Send & Receive Bitcoin
  • Set up a Bitcoin Exchange
  • Build an ATM Network
  • Create a Wallet Service
  • Make a Mobile Wallet
  • Set up a Trading Platform
  • Build a Remittances Platform
  • Enable Merchant Payments

Introduction of Multi-Signature and HD Wallets

BlockTrail has added Multi-Signature capability and HD Wallets to provide the best security available.

Multi-Signature: BlockTrail transactions require 2-of-3 keys to authorize a transaction. The company will own 1 key while the user will control the other two. This eliminates the risk of unwanted suspicious transactions while never giving BlockTrail access to users’ Bitcoins.

HD Wallet: The HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet creates a new address for each transaction. This not only increases privacy by using a sterile address free of historical transaction data, but also allows for an infinite amount of addresses to be generated in an automated way, without ever requiring additional back-ups to be made.

Anybody interested in gaining more information about the latest launch can check out the API Documentation or contact the BlockTrail support team at [email protected]

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