Scrypt.CC Hacked, Large Amount of Bitcoin Stolen

Scrypt.CC Hacked, Large Amount of Bitcoin Stolen

Yet another case of Bitcoin theft comes to the fore to haunt the Bitcoin consumers. Altcoin cloud mining hash power online marketplace Scrypt.CC has been hacked and a large, undisclosed amount of Bitcoin and hashing power has been stolen. The announcement, posted by the admin Marcelo Santos, can be seen on the website after a login.

The hacker committed this crime while the admin was in the final step of finishing with the server upgrade.

A section of the message reads:

Around 14 hours ago our database was breached, the hacker credited himself BTC and KHS and withdrew BTC until our withdraw wallet was empty. He then proceeded to make suspicious orders in the market in which the market automatically turned itself off. This sent an alert to me and other support staff, one of them seeing what was happening but not being able to do much as he does not have back-end access, he enabled our “Panic” mode in which put the whole site on lock down. But the hackers still managed to gain access and steal the coins from the hot wallet and the backup withdraw wallet.

However, the total loss amounting to consumers will not be high as the notification says that a major percentage of the stolen Bitcoin belonged to the website. And users need not worry about their information being leaked as the server was timed to run hourly database backups and one was made just minutes before the initial attack and right before the final lockdown.

If a user will click on the ‘Status’ tab on the website, he will find no information displayed as the theft is being investigated and the database is being worked upon. Users will see 0 balance as the hash power seller is planning out further steps.


  • fred96002001

    Marcelo Santos i am not buying it. this is another trick to steal bit coin from the community. i demand proof of your claims. you can not go around making such claims with out valid proof. lest time you stole over 4 bit coin from me. I demand valid proof of hackers ip address to be posted public as valid proof to your claims. you can not go arround making such lage claims with out valid proof.

    • KVeg

      Agree with you, Fred. I would not trust them.

      I lost BTC and Kh/s back in may of 2014. Response was that the “Admin” will look into it. I asked for the IP from which the transfer was initiated. Never heard a word again.

      They are a bunch of crooks.

      • 利家成

        I just think Bitcoin fraud, one excuse is hacked.
        A no contact address, no phone number, and have not the responsible person, you believe in it? 200% certain are scams. Why would these people be scammed? Their greedy brains may be defrauded.

  • Owly Justice

    Honest people always get scammed. 4 BTC is huge, I had 2000 KHS and now it’s all on zero.

  • 利家成

    If Scrypt.CC Hacked and Large Amount of Bitcoin Stolen, please call the international internet police……I don’t believe the hacker. I only believe the hacker, he is the website owner

  • Ben Maitland

    This site been acting strange for the last week they stopped me from buying less than 100 khs per trade. i stoped makeing deposit then.

  • Keron Kiero Konna

    I’m waited withdraw since 21.6 and left 3 tickets. No answer from GREAT 24/7 SUPPORT!

  • speakup4freedom

    I’m not buying it either. THIEVES

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