NewsBTC Broadens its Reach to the Philippines

NewsBTC Broadens its Reach to the Philippines

Avatar Samuel Rae 5 years ago

Earlier this month, Jose Emmanuel “JM” N. Erestain IV, a member of the Philippine Bitcoin Organization, signeda franchise agreement with NewsBTC. He and his team will be managing NewsBTC Philippines from early July 2015.


NewsBTC is one of the largest and most popular sites in the bitcoin media space, and has been in the business for nearly 2 years. Since October 2013, the site has delivered the latest news and commentary on bitcoin, alt coins and countless startups. NewsBTC’s goal as a Bitcoin News site aims to cater solid crypto news for all netizens.

JM Erestain has been on the Bitcoin scene since 2010 and has spent time finding ways to increase awareness in the Philippines ever since. Starting with friends, family, local communities and being one of the first few people in the Philippine Bitcoin Organization, an organization of entrepreneurs, CEOs and also beginners in the field of digital currencies.

More about The Philippine Bitcoin Org:

The news site is scheduled for go-live early July, 2015

JM has this to say about the opportunity to work with NewsBTC:

My team and I are quite excited to be working with as successful a company as NewsBTC. Ever since we learned about bitcoin and the like, it has been our personal goal to be informing and educating people about the digital currency, and now we can do it in a more widespread way as provided to us by NewsBTC. Development and advancement is what we are looking at here, and my team and I are dedicated to deliver.

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