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SnapCard: Acquire Bitcoin Through Loyalty Rewards

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

A partnership between online rewards system Tango Card and bitcoin wallet SnapCard can now allow people to convert loyalty points to bitcoin. Prior to this, the only ways to acquire bitcoin was through mining or an exchange.

Through this partnership, people can be able to gain bitcoin by walking 10,000 steps in a corporate wellness program or by trading loyalty rewards points in their program.

Bitcoin and Loyalty Points

Apart from that, rewards programs that are powered by Tango Card already features the bitcoin option among their offerings. This is done through the company’s “Reward as a Service” API and with the integration of SnapCard’s MassPay API.

Tango Card is already working with Amazon, Applebee’s, Best Buy, Fandango, and Foot Locker among many other merchants. More establishments might decide to include Tango Card in their loyalty programs once this bitcoin project gains more traction.

Tango’s business solutions help your company send digital gift cards on demand, send rewards in bulk or integrate the e-gift cards in the company’s app or platform with their API. Customers can choose from national and international retailer e-gift cards, non-profit donations and other reward products. In addition, Tango Card allows the merchant to build a scalable and customized rewards program specific to the company’s needs.

Meanwhile, SnapCard is a simple bitcoin wallet service that can be accessed by signing up using an email, phone number, and password. Clients can use SnapCard to pay in local currency by connecting it with a bank account and making a transfer. It also allows customer to buy bitcoin at the best rates and loads the balance instantly on the account.

The company is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2013 in order to help consumers spend their digital currencies. Since Snap Card has been rethinking the way that merchants accept digital currency, focusing on helping merchants understand the value of accepting digital currencies.

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