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Send Your Notaries on a Vacation, Says Stampery
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Send Your Notaries on a Vacation, Says Stampery

Avatar Gautham 5 years ago

Bitcoin Blockchain presents us with endless possibilities. Apart from being a ledger for bitcoin transactions, Blockchain has expanded to accommodate various applications. It is now being increasingly used to create proof of existence, intellectual property management, medical records management, smart contracts and even internet of technology applications.

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Blockchain provides a secure, transparent and economical way to file and manage documentation. Each non-transactional entry on the Blockchain will have its own hash key which can be used anytime to verify the authenticity of the document. It will also give document owners the authority to decide who can access the information associated with the entry.

There are many start-ups and companies working on applications based on Blockchain technology. They are leveraging up on the unique properties of Blockchain to create revolutionary products which can bring about a sea change in the way documents are being handled currently.

Stampery is also one such start up that is using the power of Blockchain to provide applications and services related to proof of ownership, proof of existence and proof of integrity at lesser costs. This document management platform was founded by Tommaso Prennushi and Luis Ivan Cuende last year. Stampery is a bitcoin agnostic platform that depends upon the secure, trust-less and decentralization features associated with Bitcoin technology to solve issues faced by people on a day to day basis.

In Stampery’s words, the platform lets its customers send their notaries on vacation (ask them to make it a very long vacation). True to the foundation of Bitcoin, Stampery uses the zero-trust decentralized feature offered by Blockchain to certify the genuinity of documents, contracts, identities, transfers and transactions etc. without the involvement of a notary. By doing most of the stuff a notary does at a fraction of cost.

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Stampery offers its users an easy access to Blockchain based certification, enabling them to certify their important data in a very inexpensive way. The best part—documents certified on Blockchain may be universally accepted, in comparison to notarized copies.

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