Bitcoin Spam Attack Now Targets WikiLeaks

Guest Author | July 10, 2015 | 4:30 pm

Bitcoin Spam Attack Now Targets WikiLeaks

Guest Author | July 10, 2015 | 4:30 pm

New information has come to light regarding the latest bitcoin spam attack which has exposed the weakness of the bitcoin network. The attack group is now targeting the non-profit, journalistic organization WikiLeaks and the Reddit clone Voat, according to a Motherboard report.

Dust or thousands of tiny bitcoin transactions are now hitting WikiLeaks and Voat.  However, there is no news regarding why the two are being targeted.

Earlier this week, the bitcoin network witnessed an onslaught of thousands of tiny bitcoin transactions aimed at clogging the network and bringing it down. The physical size of these transactions exceeded those with bigger values, thus delaying the confirmation process. The transactions which normally take 10 minutes to get confirmed got delayed up to 14 hours. The situation exacerbated into panic when at one moment the number of unconfirmed transactions crossed a massive 81,000.

The WikiLeaks Attack Is Bigger Than The Bitcoin Spam

It has been discovered that 3 bitcoins, approximating $800 were able to bring down the blockchain network down on its knees. What’s even scarier is that WikiLeaks is facing a barrage of dust carried out by an expenditure of at least 30 or more bitcoins i.e. more than $8,000.

The attack on Voat is estimated to be of a much lesser magnitude.

Attack Coincides With Stress Tests, Coincidence?

Several stress tests have been run in the past several weeks to provide more evidence to the block size debate. While many argue that a 1MB cap on the block size is suitable enough, there is another section which is actively proposing an increase. Gavin Andresen has been suggesting increasing the size to 20MB while some miners are in favor of raising it to 8MB.

However, the timing of the spam attack has the bitcoin community wondering if there is someone specifically targeting the network to test its stability and durability.

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