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Bitcoin – From an Investment Commodity to Everyday Use

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Bitcoin is quickly moving away from the investment realm and into everyday use. Recently, Coupofy released a new Infographic study about the digital currency.

Coupofy is one of the largest networks of online stores with an instant flow of the greatest online deals available in the US market. The company’s merchant list grows almost daily and includes merchants offering alternative payment options such as Bitcoin, PayPal etc. Coupofy is not only a coupon website. The company’s commitment is to take consumers on the cutting edge of their online shopping experience by developing new technologies that will allow them to shop faster, more conveniently and at better prices.

The company mission is to transform the way how the average consumer thinks about online shopping and conveniently navigate through massive options and shopping decisions. has been studying the Bitcoin trend while updating the information of their extensive list of internet merchants. From the department store Neiman Marcus and clothing outlet Urban Outfitters to the Expedia travel booking service and the giant Newegg, everybody is getting on the Bitcoin and there’s no indication of it slowing down.

In 2014, around 100,000 merchants were already accepting Bitcoins alongside other more traditional payment options. Emerging countries like Brazil have seen a staggering 406% signup growth from Q4 2014 to Q1 2015.

Data obtained from BitPay revealed that the payment processor dealt with the equivalent value of $158,800,000 in Bitcoin transactions in 2014. This represents 563,568 in total individual transactions, compared to 209,420 the prior year.

All the data gathered by Coupofy also reveals that not only the numbers of transactions is going up, but the average order value is going down. The company suggests that this is due to an increasing number of individuals using Bitcoin to pay for everyday products, instead of buying it in bulk as an investment.

After an intense analysis, the study concludes that, by having no single entity in control, we are probably about to see the birth of a truly global and free medium of exchange.

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