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2 mins Gives Discounts for Bitcoin Transactions

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There have been several merchants joining the bitcoin transactions these days, including which even offers discounts for cryptocurrency payments. is an online lawyer directory.

The company’s decision to accept bitcoin payments would allow customers to enjoy faster and cheaper transactions. members who use bitcoin can be able to get a 10% discount on services.

Bitcoin Transactions Bandwagon

“Bitcoin transactions reduce our costs, improve transaction speed and provide full billing transparency. In return, we can offer our services at significant savings,” CEO Gerry Gorman said in a company release.

Aside from that, is also lowering its membership fees for bitcoin users. The fee is usually $99 per month, but if a potential member utilizes the bitcoin payment option, the price is decreased to $89 per month. The company advises members to use Coinbase or Bitpay to open a wallet that can be used for bitcoin transactions.

“Bitcoins will account for $20 billion in payments in 2015 and the number of user wallets has doubled to 10 million worldwide in the last year. We are always looking for ways to deliver more value to our members and bitcoins are an exciting and fun way to do so,” Gorman added.

Other bitcoin experts confirm that the cryptocurrency will comprise more transactions in the next few years. According to Blythe Masters, Digital Asset Holdings CEO and a former JPMorgan executive, bitcoin can be used for a number of day-to-day transactions, as well as financial instruments such as bonds, stocks, and derivatives. However, she cautioned that the banking industry might take a bit longer to get there.

Nonetheless, the number of online merchants allowing bitcoin transactions from their customers continues to grow, a testament that the cryptocurrency is slowly making its way closer to mainstream adoption. Companies from various sectors, such as the airline industry or search engines, are tapping the advantages that bitcoin transactions offer.

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