Cryptocurrency platform Qora to make a comeback

Guest Author | August 7, 2015 | 4:42 pm

Cryptocurrency platform Qora to make a comeback

Guest Author | August 7, 2015 | 4:42 pm

Qora that disappeared from everyone’s sight last year is back and this time it will have a Bitcoin exchange and social network enhancements with which it vows to woo the users.

This second generation cryptocurrency platform is promising to make people again take notice of it with its “stunning feature set,” and also with the initial promotional support of Denmark-based Crypto Coins Exchange DK Aps (‘CCEDK’). CCEDK was founded in the year 2014 and is a platform on which buyers and sellers make deals for their business directly with the new digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., with the Danish exchange acting as a mediator between the parties.
But what is making users wary of this cryptocurrency platform is the debacle it had in the first round, after which it lost its sheen and went kaput. In fact, Qora which was launched on 16th May 2014 with much ado and for which a lot was spoken for because of its impressive set of 2.0 features as a social network, was unable to live up to the hype.
At that time, the new protocol was designed to ease and solve the challenges that the industry was facing, while, it also, at the same time added many new features. This cryptocurrency platform which was enjoying the spotlight at that time itself had boasted that “Qora promises to be the best hope for the future of cryptocurrency” and that the community was “poised to gain market share in the current slew of altcoins [i.e. cryptocurrency] as a result of number of innovative features and the fast-moving development processes.”
What the future holds for the cryptocurrency platform Qora and whether it will be able to attract people is something that only time will tell but when it had begun in the year 2014 it was plagued with several problems, like delays in open sourcing its code that eventually led to people losing their confidence and moving away.

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