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Open University Now Offers Fintech 101 Course

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

The United Kingdom has been making waves in the European Financial Technology (fintech) sector. London especially is already being unofficially addressed to as the fintech capital of Europe. But Berlin is close behind and gradually gaining upon London for the title.

In order to create a legacy, the United Kingdom is going an extra mile by starting the Innovate Finance Initiative and now there is another initiative which might help London to maintain its edge over rest of Europe. In order to ensure more people understand the fintech sector, the Open University has introduced a new fintech course.

The Open University is one of the largest universities registered in Scotland is the largest university in United Kingdom. Keeping up with the current trend, the Open University has introduced Fintech 101 course targeted towards top executives. The main idea behind Fintech 101 is to educate the professionals about changing trends in finance sector and to make sure that they are qualified enough to bridge the skill gap for fintech experts in the country.

The Open University is offering its new Fintech 101 course for a fee of GBP 695. It is a 50 hour course designed to simplify fintech, so that people can easily understand it and involve themselves to create a disruption in the current financial sector. The Fintech 101 course also includes the most important subjects like blockchain technology, bitcoin and cyber security. These skill are needed to ensure the survival of businesses, especially the traditional ones.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin 2.0, the use of blockchain technology is no longer confined to bitcoin transactions. There are many bitcoin and blockchain based companies that are working in the fintech sector and even the investors have been interested in investing more into the fintech sector these days. The United Kingdom and Ireland regions themselves account to 42 percent of total $12.21 billion investments made across the globe. The Open University’s new Fintech 101 course can also create enough resources who are capable of handling various roles in the fintech sector which otherwise will suffer from lack of required talent.

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