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Bitcoin Anywhere on Abine’s Blur Masked Cards

Avatar Gautham 5 years ago

Abine, a Boston based firm which calls itself the “online privacy company” is offering a bitcoin payment service called Bitcoin Anywhere. The Bitcoin Anywhere service enables users to make online payments on any online portal that accepts MasterCard credit cards.

The Bitcoin Anywhere service works though Blur “Masked Card”. These Blur Masked Cards will be connected to the individual user’s Coinbase bitcoin wallet. All Payments made through the Masked Card will be deducted from the connected wallet’s bitcoin balance.

True to its name, Abine’s Blur Masked Cards have the cardholder’s identity masked, making online transactions close to anonymous. It never reveals the actual real name or address of the Masked Card owner. In order to prevent misuse and avoid any hidden charges, Masked Cards have a built-in limit which can be set. These Blur Masked Cards can be created on-the-fly and it can be used only once for online transactions.

Given that almost all online merchants accept MasterCard, these Blur Masked Cards can be used anywhere. Payments made through Bitcoin Anywhere service will be processed just like any other credit or debit card payments. The bitcoin debit cards issued by other exchanges and wallet providers requires the user to transfer a required amount of bitcoins into the card’s account and it will get deducted when used at a POS terminal, ATM or for online transactions. However, the users will have to refill the same card. But in case of Bitcoin Anywhere, a new Blur Masked Card has to be generated before each transaction and it is limited only for online use.

Abine also offers password and document management solution along with Masked Card features with Blur. All these features are available with the premium version which is priced at $39 per year.

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