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Blockonomics Lets You Watch Your Wallets. Newsbtc Bitcoin Startups India.
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Blockonomics Lets You Watch Your Wallets

Avatar Gautham 5 years ago

People across the world have been using platforms like and to find bitcoin transaction details on the blockchain. Now there is another new startup called Blockonomics that offers similar service along with additional services like Wallet Watcher.

Blockonomics is an Indian startup based out of Hyderabad founded by Shiva Sitamraju, an IIT Delhi alumni. Blockonomics financial tracker is an easy to use platform that helps users manage their digital finances from one place. The Wallet Watcher feature on Blockonomics allows users to connect multiple bitcoin wallets to their account on the platform. Once the wallets are connected, the Blockonomics dashboard can be used to check the status of all the wallets, including transaction history, bitcoin balance available in the connected wallets, information about any pending transactions and so on.

Blockonomics is currently a team of 3 people including Shiva Sitamraju, founder and CTO of the company. Other team members includes two lead developers Srinivas S and Srujan S. The trio regard themselves as huge fans of decentralization and cryptography.

While Blockonomics is the name of the platform, the company is registered as Crypt ETech Solutions Limited. According to the company’s profile, Blockonomics has a mentor in the form of BTCXIndia.

According to Shiva Sitamraju, the Wallet Watcher feature is a very useful tool for those who use desktop wallets. He also gives a list of features Blockonomics offers its users.

  • Users can add and tag his/her public bitcoin addresses
  • The balance of each tag will be displayed both in BTC and fiat currency unit of choice
  • Graphical representation of balance and transaction history
  • Users can keep themselves appraised of any pending transactions along with the timeline of such transactions
  • Blockonomics offers human friendly notifications as and when transactions gets confirmed.

Blockonomics is a relatively new product that offers a bundle of features. Now all we have to do is wait and see how it fares against the likes of and

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