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Former NYDFS Regulator and FBI Cryptocurrency Expert Joins K2 Intelligence

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Former New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Regulator Dana Syracuse and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crypto-Currency Expert Vincent D’Agostino will be joining the regulatory compliance team of K2 Intelligence, a leading compliance and cyber defense company. These two senior executives have served at the forefront of banking law, virtual currency and cybersecurity regulation, and criminal cryptocurrency investigations.

Syracuse served as the former Associate General Counsel of NYDFS and was appointed as the Managing Director and a member of K2 Intelligence’s Anti-Money Laundering and Regulatory Compliance practice. D’Agostino was formerly one of the most senior Special Agents within the Cyber Branch of the FBI and will join K2 as an Associate Managing Director in K2 Intelligence’s U.S. Cyber Investigations and Incident Response practice.

Cryptocurrency Regulation and Compliance

“We are thrilled to welcome both Dana and Vinny to K2 Intelligence,” said Jeremy Kroll, President, CEO and Co-Founder of K2 Intelligence. “The convergence of cybersecurity and compliance led to both hires. When cybersecurity and anti-money laundering compliance teams streamline information and work together, each group can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of the other.”

“Together, Dana and Vinny can help bridge the gap between bank compliance and cybersecurity threats in order to help the financial sector effectively protect their businesses,” Kroll added.

Back at the NYDFS, Syracuse as instrumental in developing and implementing cybersecurity standards, crafting strategy related to emerging payment systems, drafting New York State’s BitLicense cryptocurrency regulation, and chartering New York-based cryptocurrency exchanges.

Meanwhile, D’Agostino was one of the U.S. Government’s foremost authorities on identify theft, DARK/DEEP web investigations, crypto-currency, and international botnet investigations. He was instrumental in government seizures of hundreds of international TOR hidden services and servers as well as in securing convictions in connection with the dismantling of the Silk Road network.

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