Blackmailers Make a Fortune with Stolen Ashley Madison User Info

Ashley Madison, the Blackmail Exercise Starts. Ashley Madison Hack News.

Since Ashley Madison, the adult dating site for those in committed relationships continues to make it to the news for all the wrong reasons. The website was hacked in July and compromised personal and intimate information belonging to millions of users.

Ashley Madison was hacked by a group calling itself Impact Team. Impact Team has allegedly demanded Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media to take down Ashley Madison and its sister site Established Men unless the company wants the stolen data to go public. Avid Life Media did not give in to these demands, resulting in Impact Team publishing over 25 gigabytes of sensitive information including corporate emails on the internet.

Once Ashley Madison’s user data became public, blackmailers jumped in to make full use of the opportunity. Many people whose information was made public started receiving ransom emails, asking them to pay a certain amount in bitcoin within a stipulated time. Otherwise, they threatened to send the target’s profile information to their spouse or other family members.

CloudMark, a network security firm, recently studied the extent of such blackmailing incidents and it was published in one of their blog posts. Analysts have come up with this figure by monitoring the transactions over the blockchain at the time when these blackmail threats were going around. They gave importance to transactions with a consistent size of about 1.05 BTC from wallets that had very little prior transaction history.

During the course of research, they came up with over 67 suspicious transactions totaling 70.35 BTC. These results may not signify the actual results as it includes consistent transactions of same size over a span of 4 days. There could be a lot more that might have missed the eye.

  • ErikKC2

    Once they’ve been found, and, mark my words, as nobody can hide their digital trail any longer, they will, they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Every suicide they contributed to, or blackmail they enabled, or divorce traumatized child in therapy, etc., they should be held accountable for. They committed an immense crime, and their criminal activity has had a huge impact.

    Lock them up and throw away the key.

    • Cornfry

      Sounds like your name must have been in the list, eh?

      • ErikKC2

        I haven’t the faintest idea. None the less, I wouldn’t care one whit were it.

        However, there are actually dead people who were. They committed suicide.

        Perhaps you think that’s a good thing?

        If so, I have some wishes for you.

        • Anne Barksdale

          To be faithful or to cheat? To acknowledge your discretions or commit suicide? Sounds to me like PERSONAL CHOICE! AM users have been hurting their families since they made the choice to “live a secret life”. Then when their lies and deceit came to light…….some proved once and for all just how much they loved their families by killing themselves. We could blame the hackers but for me its about personal accountability. Freedom of Choice also requires that one be prepared should choices made in the DARK be brought to LIGHT.

          • ErikKC2

            So, you are okay with somebody hacking your computer files to expose your dirty little secrets?

            Unlike cheating on your wife, which is legal (unless you live in a Sharia ruled country, where adultery is punished through death through stoning), hacking into private security files, and exposing their content to others is an actual crime.

            In fact, the right to privacy is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

            Please feel free to pass out your security codes, email address, IP address, etc., to make it easier for others to rifle through your personal data. It would probably be pretty boring but, perhaps someone would find a tidbit or two titillating.

            Myself? I prefer to remain a law abiding member of society. And, sincerely hope that those committing “actual” crimes, pay for them in the here in now, not in some fantasy realm in the hereafter.

    • A. Bark

      Perhaps you should consider the moral crimes the AM users were committing against their families.

      • ErikKC2


        So, I consider invasion of privacy, in additional to being actually unconstitutional and, hence, actually illegal, to also be morally reprehensible.

        Oh yeah, and those who justify it through whatever sense of sick morality they believe they can impose upon others, are facilitators of said crime.

        As such, immoral.

        None the less, I don’t believe the privacy of such to be forfeit.

        Perhaps someone does though, and will hack into your computer files and expose them for their hypocritical content, and whatever little dark secrets you might wish hidden.

        You are okay with that, right?

        • Michelle T

          So what you’re saying is because cheating is legal in your country, you are condemming the hackers behaviour.

          May I ask what your thoughts would be if cheating was a crime in your country. Just hypothetically. Would you still share those views?

          Just because something is legal it doesn’t mean that its right and vice versa. There are many examples such as euthanasia or the minimum age for sexual relations or legalising marijuana etc, etc.

          Either you have been hiding under a rock but all your information that you think is secure. Well it isn’t. It is trivial to “hack” computers.

          You have to make sure that your car is safely locked or else thieves will come and take your gps/phones and whatever valuable they find.

          “It was Ashleys Madisson that got hacked. Not me.”
          Hahahaha, still your fault for leaving your valuables with strangers.

          Karma is a Bitch!

          Now you wanna talk about people who committed suicide because of this.

          Pray for them if you feel bad for them then. They have decided to take their own fate rather than turning to the powers above who might have a plan for them.

          Who’s to say it wasn’t an inside job. …….just a thought 😊

    • pool closed

      It’s not that hard to get rid of the trail though

  • JoeCasepack

    I guess it sucks to be a cheater. I hope they all get blackmailed or commit suicide. 🙂

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