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NewsBTC Appoints Ruben Alexander as Chief Editor

Avatar Joseph Young 4 years ago

Leading bitcoin media outlet and news network newsBTC has appointed experienced bitcoin writer, journalist and graphic designer Ruben Alexander in the role of chief editor.

Alexander, who has worked with several prominent bitcoin media companies including BTC Media’s Bitcoin Magazine will join the newsBTC editorial team to provide our readers a diverse and unique variety of content.

The newsBTC team believes Alexander’s experience will be invaluable as the company continues to expand in size. In the upcoming months, newsBTC aims to launch international franchises and improve its editorial guidelines to ensure high quality journalism.

Prior to working for bitcoin media outlets, Alexander was actively involved in freelance writing, illustration, 3D print designs and the financial technology industry. In the future, Alexander plans to offer his experience as a graphic designer and provide unique illustrations and visual aid to guide our readers through each content.

Since late 2014, Alexander has focused on coverage of events, partnerships, product launches, beginner guides and technical assessments in the bitcoin industry. Whilst maintaining his position as an editor, Alexander will regularly contribute unique content for newsBTC readers and the bitcoin community.

Alexander believes the Bitcoin community is composed of passionate and determined individuals that deserve the right to financial freedom. With the help of newsBTC writers and staff, Alexander will work full-time to provide consistency and diligence in every story published.

“It isn’t often that I’ve gotten a second chance at a specific role. I want to focus more of my writing on educating those who find Bitcoin to be too complicated, and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

I was fortunate to recently bring a new Bitcoiner into the fold over breakfast. His international clients and vendors wanted him to use Bitcoin — they may have been begging on their knees, and he was eager to learn more. I presented Bitcoin to him and answered as many questions as I could.

I hope more people can become Bitcoiners before another monetary crisis is upon us,” said Alexander.

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