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Bytecoin Launches New RPC Wallet to Facilitate the Integration of its API. newsbtc

Bytecoin Launches RPC Wallet to Facilitate the Integration of Its API

Avatar Joseph Young 4 years ago

The Bytecoin team—who are developing an untraceable and open decentralized cryptocurrency—has released a new version of its e-commerce solution called Bytecoin RPC Wallet, which allows merchants and online businesses to accept incoming payments secured with modern cryptographic algorithms that are “impossible to hack.”

The RPC Wallet was launched specifically to provide online businesses access to the Bytecoin platform directly through a cryptocurrency wallet interface, and offers an application program interface (API) which can be easily integrated by merchants and businesses. The new release enhances previous security measures, features a new tool which allows users to process various blockchain transaction confirmations, and enables direct blockchain operations.

As of December 9, 2015, RPC wallet users can easily backup or transfer wallet keys to another server using simple command terms. This allows businesses and merchants to easily migrate their servers and e-commerce stores securely and efficiently. Furthermore, the newly-integrated transaction tool allows users to “validate transaction parameters, lock the outputs for a transaction, calculate a hash etc. before sending the transaction into the network,” explained Harry Ullman of Bytecoin Public Relations.

Over the past few months, Bytecoin has released multiple solutions such as the user-friendly payments management feature called Aggregate Multi-Addresses to help online businesses and merchants.

Before Bytecoin 1.0.6, simply assigning a new address for every new user would be not feasible. The technologies used to guarantee payments privacy make [the] blockchain much more sophisticated than in other cryptocurrencies. One has to check all outputs with his private keys in the whole blockchain to identify outgoing and incoming transactions for this address,explained the Bytecoin developers.

Through the launch of such services and features, the Bytecoin team worked to improve user privacy by ensuring anonymity of all domestic and international transactions since 2012.

The RPC Wallet has already seen significant updates, when the Aggregate Multi-Addresses were implemented,” said Ullman.

Bytecoin’s RPC Wallet is an essential part of [our] Business Platform. And the main goal set by development team is ensuring stable operation of the platform and improving usability and flexibility for third-side developers, who use the Platform capacities for augmenting their financial services,” he added.

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