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NewsBTC Partners with ascribe

Avatar newsbtc 4 years ago

One of our favorite topics at NewsBTC is proof of existence, whereby a single hash value can be used to authenticate any data in existence. We’ve written extensively about how this will revolutionize real estate and healthcare, its applications for blockchain systems, and how it will evolve in the future.

That’s how we know that this concept is the future, which will soon revolutionize intellectual property, as well. Just as we’ve embraced decentralized content development and distribution, we plan to promote the new IP movement, and so have made ascribe our latest strategic partner. is a new way for creators to lock in attribution of their digital work, securely sharing and tracing where it spreads online. Users can upload art, photography, logos, designs, gifs, or any other type of digital creation. For non-digital artwork, the users submit photos or other forms of documentation, instead.

When a piece is registered with ascribe, a unique cryptographic ID is generated and stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. The cryptographic ID is made from the digital work and its artist’s identity, producing a permanent and unbreakable link between the two.

Storing attribution on the blockchain allows anyone to verify authenticity and trace the work back to its original creator, which can help if someone attempts to claim your artwork as their own. In this manner, you can prove authorship without using central authorities such as copyright registrars. The time and money saved could be used for other purposes, like becoming your own record label or publisher.

The project is managed by Bruce Pon and Trent and Masha McConaghy, who proudly support crypto non-profits such as the Decentralized Dance Party. ascribe’s services are free of charge to artists as part of their campaign to empower everyone to own and manage their intellectual property. Revenue comes from marketplaces that buy and sell authentic digital work.

As part of its new partnership, ascribe will provide hashing services to NewsBTC, as well. All articles, graphic designs and other content will be hashed and inserted into the Bitcoin blockchain. By combining these hash values in what’s known as a “Merkle tree,” we could generate an official “NewsBTC hash” capable of determining whether any content was or was not produced by our media outlet.

ascribe will also list NewsBTC as a partner and news source on their website; in return, we are committed to covering all of the major events surrounding this initiative with groundbreaking articles. ascribe will be listed in our business directory, as well.

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