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Bitalo Simplifies Bitcoin Earning, Launches Multi-Service Platform

Avatar newsbtc 4 years ago

Bitcoin in last few years has welcomed thousands of developers and finance professionals to experiment with its technology. There is no doubt the invitation has been accepted with both hands, as we now can see many new ideas maturing digitally, ranging from remittance to blockchain applications.

Despite all the new interpretations of Bitcoin code, there still has been one thing which most of the developers have ignored – to enable users to earn Bitcoin in a safe and secure environment. The launch of Bitalo, however, seemed to have fixed that void after all.

Enter Bitalo

Bitalo is a newly launched Bitcoin service that enables users to use the digital currency as real money. It means, that with Bitalo’s multi-service platform, Bitcoin can be earned as easily as one earns a fiat currency, while bringing all the needed options to exchange and spend in a ready-to-move-in trading environment.


Bitalo’s platform include a dedicated exchange where users can become local exchangers and earn via arbitrage. It also features a marketplace full of merchants willing to dive into Bitcoin space for a range of day-to-day products such as fruits, foods, paintings, wines, etc. These merchants can also offer services, such as hair cutting, babysitting, car-cleaning, and be expected to be paid with Bitcoin instead of cash.

The applicability of Bitalo goes far beyond than on day-to-day shopping. The platform features a dedicate mining services, geomapping for users and merchants, virtual currency consultations, market analysis – all packed within a single service. And it ensures to completely safe!

“We advocate the high level of security: Bitcoins are encrypted in multi-signature wallets and so secure that it is possible to retrieve them even when the website is completely offline,” said Marin Albert, the head of BitAlo project.

Bitalo emerges as one of the first and few platforms that works towards unleashing the true potential of Bitcoin in traditional market space. Here people are given plenty of options to make digital currency more liquid which is, in one way or another, helps the overall adoption. Albert added:

“Finally bitcoin can be used as real currency and practically everybody can now bring any kind of service or product to the bitcoin community. It is up to you. Your creativity is the limit. At Bitalo you can create an offer in less than 1 minute and you will find the safest environment for trading ever.”

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