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Dragons.tl: Zodiac Fire Replaces Slot Machines & Its Really Fun

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 4 years ago

Dragons.tl has changed the dynamics of Bitcoin casino community with its range of innovative and fun-filled online games. The MMORPG platform is proudly unusual and promises an altogether distinctive experience to players when it comes to offering interactive betting games — the ones with higher Bitcoin payouts.

Zodiac Fire also joins the list of Dragons.tl’s most innovative and attractive games. The game, according to the casino’s official guide page, features a brilliant pyrotechnic display of five different zodiac elements: rooster, monkey, sheep, snake, and dragon. When a player places his bet, it launches five fireworks into the sky that illuminates the virtual town of Dragons.tl. And if three or more elements match, he gets attractive returns.

“To play, you bet anywhere from 100 BTM to 900 BTM which launches 5 fireworks that represent the various zodiac elements,” the casino elaborated. “To win, you must get a certain combination of elements. For instance if you get 4 shee you win 8 times your bet (e.g. 800 BTM for a 100 BTM bet).”

The casino added: “The current betting levels and payouts for the zodiac fire game on Zhifu are shown on the right. Because it is a luck game, there are no “tips” on how to play zodiac fire. You bet… you pray… and you either win or lose!”

One of the best — and perhaps the smartest — things about Dragons.tl’s Zodiac Fire is its ability to imitate the traditional slot machine concept such beautifully. Hats off to the creators who were able to utilize the widely-loved concept into a much-more attractive format.

Dragons.tl meanwhile ensures 100% security of players’ Bitcoin funds.

About Dragons.tl:

Dragons.tl is unlike any other online casino game in the market. So there might be a learning curve for those not used to navigating an MMORPG. Since Dragon’s Tale is an immensely social game, simply asking other players or taking on a mentor, might help guide you to the answer faster.

To know more about Dragons.tl and its services, please visit here.

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