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Ukraine Embraces Ethereum Blockchain For Election Transparency

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There are many different use cases for the blockchain outside of the realm of finance, and slowly but surely, people see the benefits of this technology. In Ukraine, the next series of elections might make use of the Ethereum Blockchain. Such an electronic election system is quite a novelty in the world of voting, and it can be utilized for different types of elections in the future.

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E-Vox Merges Elections With Ethereum Blockchain Technology

One thing election processes lack is transparency, as well as real-time results. Even though various countries around the world use electronic voting these days, it still takes hours of manual verification to tally the results. The entire process would be more convenient and streamlined if distributed ledger technology would be used.

Ambisafe has developed a prototype to use the Ethereum blockchain for election purposes. Rather than using colored coins or issuing new assets, the company employs native smart contracts, which take Ukrainian political differences into account. E-vox, as the system will be called, allows for elections on any level, and provides scalability.

One of the main reasons why smart contracts will be used over colored coins is because Ukraine has a particular set of regulations that need to be taken into account. Votes need to be registered as votes, and hybrid solutions are not allowed. A colored coin would be a different representation of a vote, and could be declared invalid. Smart contracts circumvent all of these worries, and they are native to the Ethereum blockchain as well.

The first stage of public testing for the prototype developed by Ambisafe will see E-vox used for petition and advisory vote purposes. These tests will show whether or not the prototype is viable, and how it can be improved in the future if needed. Once the testing has been deemed a success, Ukrainian legislation will be amended to accommodate for this new technology.

Some people might be wondering whether or not this system could run into regulatory issues down the line. While it is certainly possible E-Vox might be scrutinized at some point, various politicians are on board with Ambisafe and their project. Only time will tell whether or not this Ethereum blockchain-based system will be deemed legal or not.

Ambisafe is not the only party involved in this massive project, though. Among their partners are Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine, Vareger Group, and Distributed Lab. More strategic partnerships are on the agenda, but no official details have been revealed yet at the time of publication.

Ukraine Confirms Interest in Blockchain

It is not the first time Ukraine gets involved with distributed ledger technology provided by the [Ethereum] blockchain. In January of 2016, a new online auction website was announced in the Odessa region. The primary objective of this platform is to sell and lease state property in a transparent way, and fight corruption and fraud at the same time.

Furthermore, Ukraine has been working on bringing more blockchain educational efforts to consumers as well. A few weeks ago, there was the BIP002 conference in Lviv, and there was the Bitcoin Conference Kiev in September of 2015. Bitcoin, Ethereum and blockchain technology all have a bright future in Ukraine by the look of things.

Source: E-Vox

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