Digital Asset Holdings Signs Non-Exclusive Blockchain Deals with Accenture and Broadridge

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Digital Asset Holdings is one of those companies who keep making media headlines these days. The blockchain startup, led by Blythe Masters, has recently signed a strategic business deal with Accenture. As a result of this collaboration, Digital Asset Holdings will gain additional resources and expertise while partnering companies will get access to their distributed ledger technology solutions.

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Non-Exclusive Business Relationship With Accenture And Others

It is not the first time Digital Asset Holdings signs strategic partnerships with major players. Just a few weeks ago, the company announced how PricewaterhouseCoopers had shown an apparent interest in their distributed ledger technology for financial purposes. At the same time, this news served as another notch on the belt of the Blythe Masters blockchain startup.

Both Accenture and Broadridge have joined forced with Digital Asset Holdings as well, bringing a lot of knowledge and expertise to the blockchain startup. What makes these agreements of particular interest is how they are non-exclusive, allowing all involved parties to sign future deals with other companies and service providers as they see fit.

One fundamental issue about the blockchain that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later is figuring out how distributed ledger technology can be scaled in the future. Strategic relationships with companies such as Accenture, PwC, and Broadridge will spur further innovation and growth in the blockchain space.

Most of the focus of the solution offered by Digital Asset Holdings lies in the financial sector. Distributed ledger technology can help reduce costs, errors, and even capital requirements for any company active in finance.The Blythe Masters-led blockchain startup can now continue to expand their reach across major companies while ensuring they deliver top notch services to all of their clients around the world.

Accenture’s Global Capital Markets Practice Manager Owen Jelf stated:

“The potential for Distributed Ledger Technology to bring innovation to the financial services industry is clear. Developing and implementing the technology on an industrial scale is the next step. Our close collaboration with Digital Asset will help financial institutions realize this potential, bringing new levels of efficiency and revenue.”

The main reason a partnership between Digital Asset Holdings and Accenture is so important is because consulting and system integration services will be provided to clients exploring the blockchain space. Moreover, Accenture will offer a broad range of services, including business case assessments and cybersecurity advice.

The Involvement of Broadridge

Broadridge, on the other hand, brings expertise and resources to the table. This will help Digital Asset Holdings to drive adoption of innovative business use cases by leveraging Broadridge’s network of capital market clients. Furthermore, the blockchain startup will be able to set a new standard for quality and efficiency of service in post-trade solutions.

Vijay Mayadas, Global Head of Strategy Broadridge Financial Solutions explained:

“Digital Asset’s Distributed Ledger Technology combined with Broadridge’s breadth of expertise and resources to deliver post-trade solutions for top global banks across 70 countries will accelerate our shared mission to advance efficiency, security and compliance across the global Capital Markets.”  

Strategic partnerships like these are of incredible value for a blockchains startup such as Digital Asset Holdings, especially when keeping in mind how all of these relationships are non-exclusive. Future innovation in the blockchain space should not be hindered by archaic agreements, as distributed ledger technology is designed to be used by anyone and everyone in the world.

Source: Digital Asset Holdings

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