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Sony Embraces Bitcoin Technology To Revamp Education System

Avatar newsbtc 4 years ago

The blockchain can be used to suit various needs, and companies like Sony are exploring how it can benefit some of their own internal projects. By using distributed ledger technology for the open sharing of progress records and academic proficiency, the way we think about education might be coming to a change very soon. Sony Global Education has a clear direction they want to go in, and the ability to openly share research and progress will spur future innovation.

Sony Global Education Values Blockchain Technology

Most people will think of Sony as the technology giant, but there is so much more to this company that most people are aware of. For example, Sony is hoping to make a big wave in the educational department, through the Sony Global Education branch. One way to make a big name for itself in that department is by embracing the blockchain, which also powers the Bitcoin network.

One thing the educational system of today lacks is the ability to openly and conveniently share academic research and proficiency. A lot of research is being done in various departments, although only a small portion of the efforts gain any form of attention as they are shared with the public. As a result, there is a ton of information out there which deserves a lot more accreditation.

By using blockchain technology to smoothen the process of openly sharing this academic proficiency, future innovation will become possible in various industries. The blockchain acts as an open peer-to-peer platform which has plenty of use cases outside of the realm of finance as well.

Sony Global Education has embraced the blockchain and created a new form of technology for the educational sector. Combining the security aspect of distributed ledger technology with progress made by various academics around the world will prove to be invaluable for the educational system in the long run. All of the communication will be fully encrypted, removing any worry about information being leaked or intercepted by third parties.

The efforts made by Sony Global Education will lead to future possibilities in the academic and education industry. One of the examples mentioned in the press release comes in the form of sharing test results with multiple evaluating organizations. Relying on just one central party to validate test results is not the safest way of dealing with academic progress, and a more decentralized solution would result in various fresh sets of eyes looking over the findings.

The Educational System Needs To Change

This announcement by Sony Global Education comes at an interesting time, as discussions are running rampant regarding how the educational system needs to undergo much-needed changes. Combining technology with education is what is needed sooner rather than later, as it will help diversify the way tests are designed and results are evaluated.

In the end, new educational services might be created thanks to the integration of blockchain technology. This concept by Sony Global Education has the potential to shape a bright future for education in general. More collaboration is on the horizon as well, as this open yet secure infrastructure can draw a lot of educational institutions to this network.

Source: Sony

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