JM Bullion Announces Discounted Precious Metals for Bitcoin User

newsbtc | March 8, 2016 | 10:30 am
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JM Bullion Announces Discounted Precious Metals for Bitcoin User

newsbtc | March 8, 2016 | 10:30 am

Bitcoin and precious metals are often referred to in the same breath, as both types of investment vehicle seem to share similar traits. Neither Bitcoin nor gold has any intrinsic value, yet they appear to be well-liked by investors all over the world. For those Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to buy precious metals, they might want to take a look at what JM Bullion has to offer, as they are now accepting digital currency payments.

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JM Bullion is a Leader in Precious Metals

Although JM Bullion is not the first precious metals dealer to accept Bitcoin payments, they are by far one of the most well-respected companies to do so. This US-based company is listed as one of the most trusted providers of precious metals in the United States.

When browsing the JM Bullion website, it becomes clear this company has one of the largest collections of gold and silver items. But they are also specialized in other precious metals, such as copper and platinum. Whether one is looking for coins, bars, or even bullets, JM Bullion will most likely have it in their catalog.

Keeping in mind how the company only buys products directly from the mints and other reputable distributors, JM Bullion guarantees all of their products are genuine. Additionally, all of their goods are inspected for authenticity and condition when they arrive at the company vault. Plus, JM Bullion has a BBB A+ accreditation further according to the company’s legitimacy.

Speaking of the JM Bullion vault, the company offers secure precious metals storage through TDS Vaults. While most clients involved in precious metals prefer to store their wealth where they can access it immediately if needed, “bigger” investors are worried about the risks of keeping valuables at home. This solution provided by TDS Vaults provides customers with transparency, insurance, security, and accessibility to their precious metals investments. All of the metals purchased from JM Bullion can be stored in these vaults as well.

Bitcoin Users to Get 4% Discount

Now that Bitcoin is gaining a lot of attention in recent months; businesses do not want to miss out on an opportunity to be part of the digital currency revolution. In a blog post made by BitPay on March 7, the company announced how JM Bullion is now accepting Bitcoin payments for all of their orders.

There is a certain appeal to accepting Bitcoin payments, as this frictionless form of digital money is not all that different from precious metals in a way. Both types of store-of-value are limited in supply, yet usable by anyone in the world. However, Bitcoin can be transferred a lot easier than precious metals when dealing with cross-border transactions.


JM Bullion decided to venture into the Bitcoin payments world to reduce payment fraud and credit card chargebacks. By reducing these payment problems, as well as having the option to lower transaction fees by quite a margin, the precious metals dealer is positioning itself to attract an even larger customer base.

Doing so will not happen overnight, though, but the company has created an incentive for people to start paying in Bitcoin. Every order placed and paid for with Bitcoin will be subject to a 4% discount, similar to the advantage offered to customers paying with paper checks or bank transfers. It is very positive to see Bitcoin merchants offer discounts to their customers if they pay with digital currency.

Last but not least, other precious metals dealers have seen higher than average order values since they started accepting Bitcoin. Reducing payment costs while customers spend more money on precious metals is a solid combination for any business in this particular industry.

Source: BitPay

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