Dragon’s Tale: A Perfect Gaming Platform for Bitcoin Users

Guest Author | March 10, 2016 | 5:00 pm

Dragon’s Tale: A Perfect Gaming Platform for Bitcoin Users

Guest Author | March 10, 2016 | 5:00 pm

Dragon’s Tale is one of the most innovative bitcoin related games. By introducing a whole new concept to both gaming and gambling, it has been marked the gaming industry as the first of its kind.

In most MMORPGs, the player advances in the game and levels up by performing missions mainly based in combat. In this Massive Multiplayer Casino Role Play Game, the characters increase their level by successfully performing several quests which require skill and luck based wagers.

Dragon’s Tale is a peculiar world and has all kind of animals, plants, lots of coconuts and trees and the players will be able to interact with pretty much everything in the game. The players may choose to search for hidden items, to go farming, fishing and much more.

What is probably the coolest thing in the game is that the other players are always willing to help. You can go to the bar to get some drinks, meet new gamers and complete tasks.

If you are lucky enough, you will meet players who will smoke cigars with you and buy you some drinks. This is good because you can actually profit from these meetings.

Dragon’s Tale also introduces a lot of events such as Festivals which is one of the many ways that players can find to earn some bitcoin. Festivals are likely the events that offer the easiest way in the game to get some free bitcoin. Players will be able to find Festivals throughout many of the islands across the Dragon’s Tale world. Once a Festival is started, the players will be able to catch falling bitcoins, which will be falling from the sky like Rain.

The game is always in constant development, so you can keep an eye out for new ways to earn bitcoin as there are tons of skill games at Dragon’s Tale where you can actually profit if you manage to get good at them.


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