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Dragon’s Tale – A Casino World of Mini-Games

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Dragon’s Tale is a unique game, and the first of its kind. Dragon’s Tale was the first Bitcoin Casino game to offer its users the chance to play a role play game where they can complete tasks, engage the community and earn some real bitcoins.

Dragon’s Tale developed a new gambling style, mixing an adventure style role play game with the joy of playing casino based games.

One of the simplest and easiest games that players will usually find across many of the islands is the Coconuts Tree game. The coconut tree Game is probably the simplest game in DT and probably the one where you should start.

When a player finds a coconut tree he only needs to shake the tree for a chance to double his bet! Once a player finds a tree, he will need to click on it. It will display an interface with different wager amounts. The player can then choose a wager, anywhere from 2 to 20 coconuts. After that, some coconuts will fall out from the tree. If the number of fallen coconuts is an odd number, you win double your wager, on the contrary, if it’s a pair number you will lose your bet.

Throughout the quest, users will have the chance to experiment a whole lot of strange exquisite games that you won’t find in any other casino. In fact, Dragon’s Tale is a world made up of several original and fun mini-games that offer high rewards. The game environment is totally interactive and scattered around the islands belonging to the Dragon’s Tale world players will be able to find several interesting mini-games of both luck and skill.

In Dragon’s Tale, the games are often quite easy and simple to play offering the chance for players to double-up their coins, so don’t miss your chance and give it a try!


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